X ray Software Generates A Complete Report of Findings in 10 Minutes

Published: 17th January 2012
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Dr. David A. Bohn, DC , a full-time practicing chiropractor since December 1988. He is a complete "techno junkie," as he calls himself, and as such he purchased several of the high end diagnostic tools such as Cadwell NCV/EMG, Norland full body BMD scanner, VF Works Motion X-ray, Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic Ultrasound, Digital Gait Scanners and in office orthotics molding equipment, full blood labs, dark field microscopy, etc. etc. etc. continually seeking for a better way to illustrate to his patients what the trouble was and how he could fix it.

As you strive to educate and inform your patients of their condition it is good to know the classic Jim Beam slogan "You always come back to basics" says it all. The individuals who place their health into your hands truly just want to know 3 things, and all chiropractors have heard these same 3 time after time patient-after-patient since the beginning of your practice. The information your patient's require or need is what is wrong, can you help me, and how much will it cost. All the top techno devices from the world will not help. The answers to these questions have to be simple, straight to the point, and in a form the patient can touch and take home to share with their family or their life partner.

Unable to locate an all-in-one software program to satisfy his need, he developed one. Dr. Bohn call's it XRPpro because it does x-ray line drawing mensuration from a digitized image, XRPpro does range of motion showing the patients movement limitations in a visual format, and it also does digital postural analysis.

This X ray analysis software works with both traditional film or with digital images and performs over 42 different measurements using the digitized points. This technology will draw all the lines of the calculations over the actual x-ray image, showing for example the forward head translation in millimeters. This software measurement feature furthermore works on conventional film based images when the 3 mm x-ray marker is used to set scale. Measurements are handled on the AP and LAT views of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions with full scoliosis measurements on up to 3 curves on the entire spine. Structural leg length measurements are quickly and effortlessly calculated and used with a letter of medical necessity for a heel lift and orthotic. A full color report is created for every analysis with a side-by-side comparison to the normal for effortless patient comprehension. This makes it incredibly easy for your patient to comprehend the location of their problem and how it has deteriorated from the normal.

Range of motion analysis is executed on digital images of the patient performing the actual movement and not some graph that makes little or no sense. The range is reported in degrees and the percent of normal motion is displayed. This tool is also exceptional for detailing improvement on your patient re-exams. . Cervical and lumbar spine range of motion analysis can be performed with duplicate ease and detail.

The posture analysis report shows the head tilt, forward head translation in millimeters with increases in postural stress in pounds, and pelvic translation and tilt in both the AP and LAT views. The posture analysis also prints a one page report that is wonderful for health fairs and spinal screenings.

Once united, the x-ray, range of motion, and posture modules are more than any other software offers in one package however Dr. Bohn did not judge this was enough for a complete report of findings computer software program therefore he also included subluxation reporting as well as a financial case fee calculator. Altogether these tools join to make the XRPpro the only truly complete report of findings generator found anywhere on the planet.

Working XRPpro will reduce the time you spend preparing for a report of findings and will improve the understanding of your patients ultimately resulting in improved patient compliance.

Dr. David Bohn, DC is the CEO and founder of chiroconceptions.com. He has practiced chiropractic since December 1988. Check out the XRPpro for yourself at Xray Analysis or call us at 301-876-4565.

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